Episode 1 of Inside Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is on YouTube now

By: Jeff de Leon on March 28, 2024

Episode 1 of Inside Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is on YouTube now


Square Enix took a page from the Netflix playbook and released all four episodes of Inside Final Fantasy VII Rebirth on YouTube. Each episode is around 15 minutes long and is made up of behind-the-scenes interviews with the game’s developers, composers, artists, and more. Every interview sheds light on the process of creating Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and how they brought this legendary story and its cast of characters to life for a modern audience.

Here are the titles and topics covered in each episode.

Episode 4, in particular, is a great watch for fans in love with the game’s iconic heroes. Most of Cloud’s adventuring entourage is featured with their respective English voice talent, and each provides meaningful insight into their character’s unique inspirations and triumphs. The new kid on the block, Matt Mercer, even gets to retell the wholesome story of his Vincent Valentine casting that he shared back at New York Comic Con 2023. Only this time, there’s actual footage to go along with it.

Matt Mercer discovering he's cast as Vincent Valentine in Episode 4 of Inside Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Here are all the cast members who make an Episode 4 appearance.

Head to the Square Enix YouTube channel to watch the entire series.

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If you’ve already gotten the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth platinum trophy and are jonesing for more, Inside Final Fantasy VII Rebirth on YouTube might be enough to tide you over for a little bit. This special series features interviews with many of the great minds who had a hand in making the game. You’ll hear from developers, artists, composers, and possibly more as the series goes beyond the first episode that dropped yesterday.

Entitled “Shaping the World,” Episode 1 reveals the inspirations and overarching goals that went into crafting Rebirth’s world. The almost 15-minute video features some interesting design anecdotes about some of Rebirth’s most iconic locations like the Gold Saucer, Nibelheim, Cosmo Canyon, and Junon.

More than a dozen key members of the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth development team make an appearance. Here’s who you can expect to see based on the YouTube description.

Screenshot from Inside Final Fantasy VII Rebirth - Episode 1: Shaping the World.

Tomorrow marks one month since Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launched on PlayStation 5. The sequel to 2020’s Final Fantasy VII Remake, Rebirth has already become one of this year’s best games with a Metascore of 92.