About The Site

Final Fantasy Info.com, now FFInfo.com, came about one day from a simple search on the web. On that day I was looking around all the Final Fantasy related sites in search of some nice screenshots from Final Fantasy IX. While digging through all those websites I noticed three distinct and important things; Most sites covered only the latest Final Fantasy games, sites that did cover the old games had very little information on them, and no one covered all things Final Fantasy. So I had decided since I am such a huge fan of the series and, at that time, owning an estimated 70 or so percent of all games related to Final Fantasy that I should start an all-inclusive site dedicated to the greatest RPG series of all time, Final Fantasy! And so, on March 18 of 2003, I opened this website to the public.

Originally I was going to work on this site by myself as a hobby but I quickly realized that this would cause the death of the site if I did so, as it was too much of an undertaking for myself. It was then I decided that I would recruit some help from fellow fans of the series to complete this site even quicker. Over the years the site has gone through many changes, staff members came and went, and we have even acquired a new name for the site (FFInfo.com), but worst of all it suffered from my personal life getting in the way. At one point the site was completely abandoned and all old information was lost, even information about the great people who once helped. But today I have been given a situation in life that allows me to rebuild this site into the dream I had for it. Now I am building a team of Gamers and Final Fantasy fans taking time out of their lives to help create the largest and best site dedicated to Final Fantasy out there.

The Team Members


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Position: Founder
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Jeff de Leon

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Position: News Writter
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Position: Data Researcher
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Cameron Mcfarland

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Position: Content Writter
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