Final Fantasy XIV Namazu and the Greatest Gift Book

The Namazu and the Greatest Gift is a children's book developed by Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIV Development team and is set in Final Fantasy XIV's world of Eorzea. While it is a children's picture book this whimsical and heartwarming tale should delight Final Fantasy XIV fans of any age.

Story Summary

The Namazu and the Greatest Gift follows three young Namazu (Catfish creatures) as they try to find a way to bring rain to their local river. As Seigetsu, Gyoshin, and Gyorei discuss their options, Seigetsu mentions that he knows of a sage who may be able to help.

This sage lives on the mountain by the river, and Seigestu has heard tales that he can change the weather. The three Namazu head to see the sage with their new plan set. Unfortunately, when they find the sage, he tells them he will only help if they bring him a gift he has never seen before.

Needing the sage's help, the Namazu bring him all their favorite trinkets, but the sage is unimpressed. Seigetsu and Gyorei leave the mountain feeling defeated, but Gyoshin stays behind to monitor the great sage. After watching him for a time, he realizes that the sage is lonely and comes up with the perfect idea for a gift.
Gyoshin approaches the sage and tells him that he has found the most fitting gift of all, his friendship. The sage is delighted by this gift and agrees to become friends with the Namazu. The sage and the Namazu band together and perform a rain ceremony, filling the river with water and ending the drought.


Publication Date

August 9, 2022


Square Enix Books


Banri Oda


Hiroyuki Nagamine

Format and Length

Hardcover, 24 pages

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