FFXV crossover event returning to FFXIV

By: Jeff de Leon on February 21, 2024

FFXV crossover event returning to FFXIV

The seasonal event “A Nocturne for Heroes” is headed back to Final Fantasy XIV starting on February 28. This is the same event that first debuted back in 2019 and centers around the arrival of Final Fantasy XV’s main protagonist, Noctis. Players can earn some great FFXV-themed rewards like a Noctis-inspired glamour set, a new hairstyle, and the Regalia Type-G mount.

If this is your first time partaking in the event, head to Ul’dah and speak to Kipih Jakkya (X:8.5 Y:9.7) to pick up the “The Man in Black” starting quest. If you’ve completed the event before and are looking to relive it, you’ll need to head to New Gridania first to speak with Noctis (X:11.4 Y:11.3). Pick up and complete the “Messenger of the Winds” quest and then meet with Kipih Jakkya in Ul’dah to use the Seasonal Event Replay feature. Using this feature will mark the event quests as incomplete so you can replay them.

While the Lucian Prince glamours are obtained through completing the event quests, the Regalia Type-G requires a bit more elbow grease after completing Noctis’ Eorzean adventure if you don’t already have the currency to pick it up. This very special mount that flies and seats four players is only available during the event window and is acquired at the Gold Saucer for 200,000 MGP. In addition to looking really cool, a four-seated mount like this is especially helpful while Aether Current hunting with friends. And with Dawntrail arriving later this year, it might be worth farming the necessary MGP to pick it up.

Cruising in the Regalia Type-G mount.

For more information on the “A Nocturne for Heroes” crossover event, head to The Lodestone.