FFVII Rebirth demo Junon update arrives tomorrow

By: Jeff de Leon on February 20, 2024

FFVII Rebirth demo Junon update arrives tomorrow

The new update drops at 4 a.m. PST and unlocks the “Dawn of a New Era” episode. Players will be getting a small taste of Rebirth’s vast world by exploring an open zone in the Junon region.

We’ll have to play it ourselves to find out how much playtime is included in the update, but the Rebirth team has confirmed it’ll feature content unique to the demo. Additionally, this patch will also include the visual enhancement to the demo’s Performance Mode that was announced last week.

The first half of the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo is available in the PlayStation Store now and includes a starting section of the game in which Cloud and Sephiroth are sent to Cloud’s hometown of Nibelheim to inspect a defective mako reactor. With a runtime that’s just over two hours–or much longer depending on how long you spend on the piano minigame–players gain control of both Cloud and Sephiroth in combat while getting some important character details for the game’s iconic, main antagonist.

Those who play through the Rebirth demo will also be rewarded. Players with a demo save file present when the full game launches will receive the Kupo Charm accessory and a Survival Set that contains items for any would-be adventurer like potions and ethers.

Meanwhile, the wait for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has finally reached single digits! There are just 9 days left until the game’s February 29 launch.