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A Section for all Media Created

A Section for all Media Created

It has been a little over a month since Final Fantasy Info.com was published for the world to enjoy and it might not look like we have been doing much I can promise you we have been. Over this time, we have been doing our best to stay up on the latest news and pass it on to you while at the same time researching and creating section landing pages for everything related to Final Fantasy. This includes games, books, manga, videos, and much more. I am happy to announce that this research has come to an end, and I believe we have created a section to house information for everything Final Fantasy, this has totaled almost 200 separate landing pages for all this media.

So, what is next now that the landing pages have been created? Well, now we will start digging into them and bring you the most comprehensive and accurate information. As you can imagine with so much Final Fantasy media this is going to be a big adventure for us, but we are looking forward to it. The plan is to first focus on small and easy-to-get information as well as Final Fantasy XIV information. The hope is this smaller information like synopsis, release information, and such will be easier to take care of during our busy times and as we are also active players of Final Fantasy XIV it just makes sense that this is the first game we focus on.

As the site grows, we will be looking at what the community wants us to focus on and adjust accordingly. We look forward to creating the best Final Fantasy information site for everyone.