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Final Fantasy XIV Online TTRPG

Grab your dice and rally your friends to embark on a new Eorzean adventure in this new Final Fantasy XIV Tabletop RPG. Guided by your Gamemaster, adventurers can now explore Eorzea, take on new challenges, and meet new and famous NPCs from all over the realm like never before. What you do is only limited by your imagination.

For those interested in crafting and guiding adventures for their friends, the Gamemaster Book which is available as a standalone book or as part of the Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG Starter Set is all you need. It comes with premade scenarios that can be played immediately as well as tips and advice for developing Gamemasters to hone their storytelling skills.

Release Information

Release Name

Release Dates


Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG Starter Set

Worldwide: May 2024


Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG Standard Rulebook

No Date Announced


Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG Scenario & Gamemaster Guide

No Date Announced