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Final Fantasy VII Remake's Full Story

Chapter 1: A City in Crisis

Tension ripples through the streets of Midgar, a sprawling metropolis fueled by crime and corruption. While things may seem normal on the surface, the eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE prepares to wage war against the oppressive Shinra Electric Company to protect the planet. Little do they know this encounter will change the planet's fate forever.

The thriving city of Midgar is located in the dead center of the barren wilds. The constant energy consumption has decimated the surrounding landscape. The city's people do their best to thrive amongst the pollution and grime surrounding them. But life in Midgar is an uphill battle for those living in the lower depths.

Midgar is surrounded by massive power plants that deliver Mako throughout the city. Harvesting Mako from the planet has allowed for impressive technological advancements. However, the process also creates a sickeningly green glow and toxic gasses that permeate the city.

As a train enters a Mako reactor facility, a young man with spiky yellow hair and a buster sword can be seen riding atop the train. Soon, several members of the eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE make themselves known and begin assaulting the guards, rendering them unconscious. Cloud Strife, a former soldier turned mercenary, joins the group as they attempt to sabotage the reactor.

The group's leader, Barret Wallace, hired Cloud because of his experience working for Shinra Electric Company as part of their elite unit named Soldier. He is tasked with helping them blow up Mako reactor one. Although the group is happy to have the ex-soldiers help, Cloud shows that he is only performing this job for the money and is not interested in saving the planet.

As the group infiltrates the compound, Barret offers a lengthy explanation of the group's motivations. He expresses to Cloud the importance of stopping Shinra from draining the planet dry of its resources. He states that the planet is a living being whose death will impact them all. But Cloud shrugs off this warning, focusing on the mission at hand and ignoring the larger goal of AVALANCHE.

This disagreement leads to mistrust between the group leader and their hired mercenary. As a result, Barret tasks Cloud with setting the explosives in the reactor to prove his loyalty to the group. But as he takes the explosive, Cloud experiences a short traumatic episode in which he envisions a single black feather falling to the ground.

Cloud shakes off the vision and places the bomb that the AVALANCHE member Jessie has created. But as soon as the bomb is placed, a security protocol is activated, and a sizable scorpion-like robot descends on the group. Cloud and Barret defeat the sentry and start the bomb's demolition sequence. The pair are now racing against the clock to escape the reactor before it comes crashing down upon them.

As they flee, they find Jessie caught underneath some rubble caused by their battle. Cloud rushes to help the bombmaker, indicating that there may be some heart underneath his nonchalant demeanor. The group escapes this ordeal in time, but Jessie's bomb fails to destroy the reactor.

Little does the group know, they have been under the surveillance of President Shinra, the head of the Shinra Electric company, the entire time. Alongside Heidegger, the head of public safety, the company initiates the reactor's self-destruct sequence. This resulted in a massive explosion, causing waves of destruction in the lower areas of Midgar.

Chapter 2: Fateful Encounters

As the group renters Midgar, they discover that the reactor explosion has caused devastating damage to the surrounding area. AVALANCHE is shocked to see the damage their actions have caused. However, their fearless leader, Barret, insists that the group focus on the bigger picture. He reminds them that nothing worth fighting for comes without sacrifice.

Their focus on the mission is bolstered, and the team heads their separate ways to avoid detection. Avalanche plans to regroup on a train headed to the slums they call home. As Cloud makes his way to the train, he has a horrifying vision of his hometown, Nibbleheim. The ex-Soldier sees the town being razed to the ground.

Standing amongst the fire and debris is Sephiroth, a first-class Soldier who has gone rogue and abandoned his mission. Returning to reality, Cloud turns and heads back to rejoin the other. Only to discover the image of Sephiroth standing in front of him.

Cloud attempts to confront Sephiroth, affirming that the hallucination before him can't be real. Cloud had personally seen to his demise, killing him with his own hands. Sephiroth fondly remembers the event and asks Cloud for a favor.

Sephiroth states that their planet is dying, and he would be loath to live in a world that destroys all that binds them together. He instructs Cloud to run away so that he may continue to live. As the rage boils to the surface, Cloud attempts to kill Sephiroth again, only for him to disappear at the last moment. As the last of his essence leaves the area, he whispers to Cloud to hold on to his hatred.

Leaving the area, Cloud runs into the lovely flower girl. However, the image of Sephiroth hovers near the girl. Indicating to Cloud that he will not be sent away so quickly. Noticing his distress, the flower girl asks if Cloud is okay and offers him a flower.

Suddenly, the flower girl acts erratically, waving her arms around as though to thwart some unseen presence. She lurches to Cloud for protection, and once she touches him, Cloud can see her tormentors. These cloak-like beings float all around the pair. Cloud draws his sword to protect them, but this attracts the attention of the local Shinra police.

Frightened by the current situation, the flower girl tells Cloud it was nice to meet him before running down an alley. Leaving Cloud to deal with the Shinra police on his own. Utilizing his Soldier training, Cloud defeats the police as needed before jumping on top of a moving train to rejoin the rest of AVALANCHE. Having regrouped, the AVALANCHE members head to the front of the train.

As they move through the train, the group listens to the public's reaction to the explosion. Many of the train members feel as though AVALANCHE is a deadly terrorist group with no regard for the destruction they leave in their wake.

Barret is quick to shut down these rumors. He forcibly explains that Avalanche is trying to save the planet from Shinra's destruction. When the passengers disagree with Barret's message, he intimidates them until they flee the train car. Barret then sits and mumbles to himself that AVALANCHE are the good guys.

As this all plays out, Jessie takes Cloud aside to show him the Midgar Train network. When Cloud tries to reiterate that he isn't interested in being an activist, Jessie stops him to let him know he is playing too hard to get; she then continues to show him the layout of Midgar on the map. Jessie then explains the ID checkpoints that Shinra has set up.

These checkpoints have a stranglehold on the city's citizens. Each passenger must carry an ID that lists their date of birth, residential status, and criminal history. Jessie assures Cloud not to be concerned because their fake IDs are impeccable. Barret uses this opportunity to explain the hierarchy of Midgar to Cloud.

According to Barret, the people of the lower levels of the city struggle to survive because of the "great big pizza in the sky," or the different levels of plates that comprise the city. He explains how the procurement of Mako pollutes the city, filling the air with smog and killing the plant life.

Cloud tells Barret they should all leave and not look back, saying that this strategy has always worked for him. Barret pushes back, stating that people in the slums don't have the luxury of choice. Cloud relents, saying that some lives are like trains on a track; there is only one way for them to go.

Chapter 3: Home Sweet Slum

After avoiding detection and arriving peacefully in the slums, AVALANCHE celebrates their perceived victory over Shinra. Barret is quick to reprimand Wedge, Jessie, and Biggs for loudly announcing their act of domestic terrorism in a public setting. He instructs them to go home and relax while they prepare for the next mission. Before leaving, Barret instructs Cloud to meet him at Seventh Heaven. A local bar where Tifa and the group work.

When Cloud reaches the slums, he sees a local man tearing down AVALANCHE posters. As he approaches, the man explains that the steel structures surrounding them signify progress and innovation. However, when Cloud looks up to investigate the structures, he has a vision of the plates exploding and crashing down upon him. Upon seeing this reaction, the local man writes Cloud off as a Mako junkie and leaves. As the man leaves, Cloud witnesses another cloak-like figure moving in the distance.

Feeling shaken by the encounter, Cloud heads to Seventh Heaven to visit his childhood friend Tifa Lockheart and to claim his payment from Barret. When he arrives, he can see Tifa sitting on the stairs with Marlene, Barrett's adoptive daughter. Upon seeing Barret, Marlene gleefully runs to hug her father. As they enter the bar, Tifa notices the yellow flower that Cloud received from the flower girl. She is shocked that Cloud found a natural flower amidst all the pollution.

As a gesture of goodwill, Cloud gives Tifa the flower, prompting Tifa to ask when Cloud became so thoughtful. Cloud shrugs this question off, stating a guy can change; it's been five years. Before Tifa can react, Cloud says he needs to talk with Barret about his money. However, when Cloud approaches Barret, he accidentally scares Marlene, who runs away. Seeing this, Barret becomes enraged and shoves Cloud across the room. Luckily, Barret quickly calms down and tells Cloud to retrieve his money from Tifa. When he approaches the bar, Tifa offers Cloud a drink, but he refuses, stating he only wants his money. Tifa sighs and says the two should speak outside. Annoyed by this, Cloud follows Tifa out into the city street.

Once outside, Tifa informs Cloud that she has secured some housing for him and that the two should discuss his payment after she shows him where he will be staying. Tifa takes Cloud to a small apartment located next to hers and informs him that he can stay there free of charge. Grateful for the accommodations, Cloud again broaches the issue of his payment.

Tifa bashfully explains that she is only able to pay him 500 gil out of the 2000 that is owed. The rest of the payment was used to plan the mission that AVALANCHE just completed. Sensing his frustration at this, Tifa promises that she will be able to pay the remaining amount the following morning if Cloud is willing to help her collect filters. Cloud agrees to these terms and settles in for the night.

Cloud is awoken in the night by odd noises coming from the apartment beside him. Fearing that someone may be in danger, Cloud heads next door to investigate. However, upon opening the door, he sees Sephiroth waiting for him. Frightened by yet another vision, Cloud steps backward and falls onto the ground. When Sephiroth places his hand on Cloud, he is presented with another vision.

Cloud sees several cloaked men wandering through a desolate mountain region. One of these figures is mumbling the word reunion to himself.  When Cloud regains his senses, he sees that Sephiroth is gone and has been replaced by one of the cloaked figures. This man bears the number 49 tattooed on his arm.

Tifa explains that this man's name is Marco. He is an odd but harmless man who lives in the apartment. The building owner has asked Tifa to check in on the individual from time to time. She helps Marko back onto his feet and asks Cloud if he would also be willing to help the sickly-looking man.

The following morning, Cloud heads downstairs to meet Tifa. On his way out of the area, the building owner, Marle, introduces herself. The kindly old lady explains to Cloud that Tifa is like the granddaughter she never had. She also offered Cloud a warning. If any harm comes to Tifa because of Cloud, Marle will take it out of his hide.

Arriving at Seventh Heaven, Cloud sits tiredly at the bar. Tifa then explains their plan for the day. Jesse makes and distributes water filters for the people in the slums. Their job is to go around and collect the old water filters and provide replacements to the residents. Cloud's role in this will be muscle in case someone wants to avoid paying their tab. Cloud grumbles at the situation but eventually heads out with Tifa to work for the remainder of his money.

Tifa uses this opportunity to show Cloud the town and the various shopkeepers. After completing their activity, Tifa takes Cloud to the local neighborhood watch to inquire about possible jobs. Although Cloud feels overqualified for rat catching, Tifa convinces him that making connections in the slums can only benefit his new career as a merc.

After completing several odd jobs for the townspeople, Tifa and Cloud head back to Seventh Heaven to collect the rest of Cloud's payment from Barret; along the way, they notice a commotion in the town center. As they approach the source of the problem, they see a young man being dragged from a building by Shinra operatives. When Tifa asks the townspeople what is happening, she is informed that Johnny is suspected of being a part of AVALANCHE. He is being taken in for questioning.

Although Johnny is not actually a member of the organization, Tifa is concerned that he may say something that would incriminate the group. She explains this problem to Cloud, and the two head off to save Johnny before he can say anything to the Shinra operatives.

When they approach the situation, Johnny comes dangerously close to disclosing their identities. To prevent this, Tifa quickly kicks and incapacitates him. Cloud and Tifa then deal with the remaining Shinra forces before returning to Johnny.

Feeling that he poses too significant a risk, Cloud prepares to kill Johnny to prevent him from incriminating the group. Tifa quickly stops him; Cloud then explains to Johnny that if he wants to live, he must leave town and never return. As he leaves, Tifa stares into Cloud's eyes and again says how much he has changed. His willingness to kill with ease frightens her. Cloud explains that it is simply the Mako infusion process that Soldier's are subjected to. The two then leave and head back to Seventh Heaven to meet up with Barret.

Returning to the bar, Cloud asks Barret for the remainder of his money. Barret brushes off his request, telling him he will have to wait. Barret then activates a hidden mechanic under the pinball machine, revealing a platform that leads to AVALANCHES' underground base beneath the bar. Trying to put a polite face on Barret's disrespectful action, Tifa offers to make Cloud a delightful drink to enjoy while he waits. She then heads down to join the other members of AVALANCHE.

Tifa rejoins Cloud before the meeting is over. She sits at the bar with Cloud, looking disappointed. Cloud presses her about her involvement with the group, questioning whether she has the same devotion as the others. Tifa relents, stating that she wants to make a change and save the planet, but wonders if bombing buildings is the right way to go about things.

The others return from their meeting and Barret hands Cloud the remaining Gil he is owed. He then informs Cloud that this payment concludes their business and he will not be needed for the next mission. Barret coldly asks Cloud to leave the bar, as only members of AVALANCHE can participate in their meetings.

Upon leaving the Bar, Cloud encounters a group of thugs intimidating the local townspeople. As he approaches, they ask if he could provide them with information about Barret. Cloud says he may have some info about Barret if the price is right. After failing to gather helpful information about what they want with Barret, Cloud quickly defeats the thugs and heads back to his apartment.

When he arrives, he finds Jessie waiting for him at the door. After confusing Cloud by pretending to be his lover, Jessie explains that she would like to hire Cloud for a secret mission that evening. She asks him to keep this mission hidden from the rest of the group. In exchange for his silence, she offers him a powerful summons Materia. She instructs him to meet her at the station after dark and not to be late.

Chapter 4: Mad Dash

Cloud and Jessie arrive at the station and discover that the last train has already left. Luckily, Biggs and Wedge guessed Jessie's plan and showed up with motorcycles for them to use. Because of Jessie's weird actions recently, Wedge assumed that Jessie wanted to head topside to meet her parents. Jessie confirms this, and the group heads off down the tunnels.

As they ride, Jessie explains the real reason for this expedition. Jessie believes that she used the incorrect blasting agent on the previous reactor, leading to the death and destruction caused by the explosion. She plans to steal a more minor blasting agent from a Shinra warehouse. These are fortified structures that are heavily guarded. As such, she will require Cloud's military experience to buy her time to retrieve the items.

As they travel through the tunnels, they are attacked by Shinra police. These fighters prove ineffectual against Cloud's training. However, they soon run into a rebellious third-class Soldier who can give Cloud a bit more trouble as they navigate the tunnels. This Soldier's name is Roche, and he challenges Cloud to a battle down the highway. Having little time for distractions, Cloud disables Rouche's bike, forcing him to retreat.

The group arrives at the Shinra Housing District, located in Sector 7. This area is a dramatic improvement over the lower-level slums. It is where Shinra houses its employees and their families. It is here that they locate Jessie's family home. As Jessie, Wedge, and Biggs head in to distract Jessie's mother, Cloud waits outside for his signal to enter the rear area of the home.

As a light comes on in the back of the home, Cloud takes his cue and enters. He aims to steal Rowan Raspberries's Shinra ID card and exit quietly. Finding the keycard inside Rowan's work attire, Cloud leaves without drawing any attention to himself. The group joins him outside and prepares for the plan's next stage.

Jessie explains that she could enter the facility by herself to get the items but required the rest of the group to create a distraction for as long as possible. After she ventures off, Wedge and Biggs explain to Cloud what happened to Jessie's Father. Rowen collapsed inside a Mako storage vault, overworking himself at the Shinra plant. This accident has left him paralyzed due to Mako poisoning. The event served as Jessie's catalyst to quit acting and join AVALANCHE to stop Shinra from harming anyone else.

Cloud notices no guards patrolling the area as the group approaches the facility. The lack of military presence indicates that something is happening unrelated to their plan. The group heads deeper into the facility, becoming concerned for Jessie's safety. But as Cloud looks at the stars above him, he flashes back to his local village.

Here, Cloud waits atop a water tower as Tifa slowly approaches. He explains to Tifa that he intends to leave the village to join the Soldier program and become a great war hero like Sephiroth. Tifa expected him to go like most of the other young men in the town. However, she makes him promise to return and save her if she ever needs help.

Back at the facility, the group heads in to investigate the lack of soldiers, only to be immediately attacked by the patrolling guards. Together, they can defeat the Shinra forces, but Roche reappears and challenges Cloud to a duel. Cloud accepts this challenge and tells the others to back up and let them fight. After a lengthy battle, Cloud emerges victorious. Roche says he had fun and would love to battle Cloud again. As Roche leaves, he destroys some Shinra forces, helping Cloud and AVALANCHE.

However, even with his help, the Shinra forces quickly overwhelm the group. Luckily, a militant AVALANCHE cell arrives and drives the troops back. As the new cell deals with the Shinra forces, Biggs tells Cloud that there is a rumor that this branch has teamed up with the Wutai, promising them all the Materia in the land if they help them defeat Shinra.

Regrouping with Jessie, the four begin to escape to the slums. Jessie knows of a secret stash of parachutes that the group uses to descend back down to the slums. Once back in the slums, Wedge shows Cloud the residential area. After this short tour, Cloud leaves to retrieve his payment from Jessie.

Jessie thanks Cloud for his services and offers him a new piece of Materia for his services. She then surprises Cloud by asking him to come over the following night, insisting that her roommates will be gone for the evening. He insinuates that she must be desperate to be this forward. However, he relents and says he will think about the proposition.

Finally, back at his hotel room, Cloud attempts to get some sleep. However, when he puts down his weapons, Tifa knocks at his door. She inquires where he has been all evening, and Cloud lies, stating that he has been walking all night. Brushing off the apparent lie, Tifa explains that she talked to Johnny and that he would be leaving town.

Tifa then asks if Cloud is planning to leave Midgar anytime soon. He tells Tifa that he remembers the promise he made all those years ago and intends to keep it. Tifa smiles at him and says she is glad he is softening up a bit. She bids him goodnight, and Cloud is finally able to sleep.

He awakens in fright as the cloak-like figures have returned. As he ventures outside, he sees hundreds of creatures circling the slums. Unlike his previous encounters with the creatures, they appear visible to everyone in the slum. Tifa and Cloud make their way to Seventh Heaven, where Barret and Jessie are battling the monsters. The group manages to fight off the monsters, but Jessie is thrown down the stairs and injured in the fray.

Down an operative, Barret enlists Cloud for AVALANCHES' scheduled mission, with a pay increase, of course. As a gesture of goodwill, Barret gives Cloud part of his payment upfront. The team then heads off to Make Reactor 5. Before entering the train, Barret explains to Cloud and Tifa that their objective is to send a message to Shinra. The company can either shut down their reactors, or AVALANCHE will shut them down for them.

Chapter 5: Dogged Pursuit

Cloud, Tifa, and Barret board the train and head to Make Reactor 5. However, because of Barret's warning to Shinra, the train is on heightened security and nearly empty. With the heightened security, their fake IDs fail the security checkpoint, alerting Shinra to their presence. The train is soon filled with robotic guards, sent to kill the AVALANCHE members.

Tifa helps the civilians leave the train car while Barret and Cloud fight off the robots. One of the civilians stops Tifa to ask why she would help him, as he works for Shinra. She explains that she doesn't want anyone to die. This prompts the Shinra employee to tell her he will look after the others. Tifa then joins Barret and Cloud in the fight against the robots.

Quickly outnumbered, Cloud states that they must jump from the train, or they will die when they reach the station. Barret resists this idea but eventually relents, and the three jump from the train. Cloud holds on to Tifa so that she won't be harmed as they roll across the platform. The three land safely and begin the arduous journey on foot. However, the group is unknowingly being tracked by Heidegger as they make their way through the tunnels.

The group makes their way through the tunnels following a set of markers left for them by another member of AVALANCHE. Following these signs, they eventually find Briggs, who gives them a set of grappling guns and shows them the directions to the reactor.

Chapter 6: Light the Way

Having thwarted the forces Shinra launched upon them, the group heads through the tunnels, searching for the reactor. Because of the heightened security, the group is forced to take several detours throughout the facility, leading them across small walkways that tower over the lower levels of Midgar. One false step, and they could fall to their death.

Midway through their travels, the group encounters a security door that requires additional power to open. Unfortunately, the only way the group can access more power is to disable the sun lamps that provide light to the lower levels of Midgar. After weighing the options, the group decided that their mission to stop Shinra must be prioritized, and they backtracked to disable the sun lamps.

Finally, after traversing all the traps and obstacles, the group is reunited with Biggs. He informs them that he has secured a safe route for the rest of the group to reach the reactor. Elated by this news, Barret wraps Briggs in a bear hug. Briggs heads back to the slums while the others proceed to the reactor.

Chapter 7: A Trap is Sprung

At Shinra headquarters, Heidegger and President Shinra continue to monitor AVALANCHE's actions as they head toward the reactor. Upon finally reaching the reactor, Cloud has another vision. This time, Cloud sees a younger version of Tifa hovering over the dead body of an older man. He witnesses Tifa picking up Sephiroth's sword and heading into the reactor before his vision fades, and he is returned to the present.

Barret instructs Cloud to set the bomb on the reactor core. Attempting to avoid the mistakes of their last adventure, Jessie has wired this explosive with a remote detonator. However, before they can leave, they discover that their actions are being broadcast live to Midgar's public.

Unbeknownst to AVALANCHE, Shinra has been aware of their operations the entire time. They have allowed them to commit acts of eco-terrorism to shift public outcry away from Shinra and onto AVALANCHE. Heidegger explains that their execution will provide bread and a circus for the unhappy inhabitants of Midgar.

Working their way through the military forces, the group nearly escapes their troubles before being confronted by a hologram of President Shinra. He quickly clocks Cloud's eyes, informing him that Cloud is a member of Soldier. Cloud exclaims that he is no longer a part of Soldier, but the President reiterates that once you join Soldier, you can never truly leave.

He explains that all initiates into the program experience rapid cell degeneration, which causes them to die early. Barret takes this opportunity to give President Shinra a long rant about the dangers of what his company is doing. However, the President reminds him that the people of Midgar are well aware of the cost of Mako, yet they turn a blind eye to Shinra's exploitation of the planet in favor of a more comfortable life.

Before bidding them farewell, President Shinra thanks AVALANCHE for contributing to his plan to stoke patriotic fervor amongst the people. Labeling them as a terrorist group working alongside their national rival, the Wutai, approval for war will skyrocket. Heidegger reappears and continues to praise AVALANCHE for helping their war efforts before unleashing the Airbuster upon them.

The group miraculously defeats the air buster, but the walkway they are standing on is destroyed in the process. Cloud dangles from the platform, trying his best to stay topside; he tells Barret to get Tifa and leave before the building collapses. Barret hesitates before telling Cloud that he has misjudged him. Cloud tells Barret that this isn't the end of the road for them before Barret grabs Tifa and runs.

Unable to hold his grip, Cloud plummets to the ground below. He fires his grappling hook at the platform but has gathered too much momentum and the gun breaks. As he free falls, he finds himself in an all-white space where a mysterious figure asks if he is okay. As the figure comes closer, he notices that the figure is a version of himself offering a cryptic message about the past. Before he wakes, Sephiroth appears and informs him that he still has work to do.

Chapter 8: Budding Bodyguard

Cloud awakens, lying in a flower bed in what appears to be an old church. He is greeted by the flower girl, who introduces herself as Aerith. She offers Cloud a piece of Materia and tells him she has her own unique Materia. She explains that it was a gift from her mother, but it doesn't seem to do anything. The two are soon interrupted by Reno, a member of the Turks.

Before Cloud can say anything, Aerith informs Reno that Cloud is her bodyguard and a member of Soldier. Cloud exclaims that he is an ex-soldier. Reno seems skeptical about Cloud's involvement and asks what class of Soldier he is. When Cloud proudly says First Class, Reno bursts out laughing, calling Cloud a liar. This enrages Cloud, and the two begin battle.

Cloud easily bests Reno, but as he goes for the finishing blow, the cloak-like figures return and drag Cloud and Aerith to the back of the church. Unlike in their previous encounters, the cloak figures appear to be helping the group. Cloud and Aerith escape through the church's roof and head toward Aerith's home.

When they arrive, Aerith introduces Cloud to her mother, Elmyra. Her mother proposes that the two spend the night instead of returning to Sector 7 in the dark. Cloud and Aerith devote the remainder of the dark collecting flowers and delivering them to the local schoolchildren. As they attend to the children, Cloud suddenly recalls a childhood Tifa. Saying her name out loud provokes Aerith to inquire who the girl is. Cloud is unable to describe their relationship fully, so the two continue on.

As they travel, they encounter another cloaked man, similar to the one that lives next to Cloud. However, this man has the number 2 boldly tattooed on his arm. Cloud once again mistakes this man for Sephiroth but snaps out of it before attacking the man. The mysterious man wanders off before offering the group any insight into his condition.

Returning to Aerith's home, the two are interrupted by Rude, another Turk agent. He explains that he is not a bad guy. However, his job is to take Aerith with him. Cloud attacks Rude, and Arieth joins her new bodyguard in the battle. However, their combined might isn't enough to take the Turk agent down. Luckily, Rude receives a phone call from Reno, telling him to report to Sector 7 for an assignment.

The two lick their wounds and head back to Aerith's home. When they return, Elmyra tells Aerith to make up the guest room for Cloud. With Aerith out of the room, Elmyra asks Cloud for a favor. She instructs him to leave in the middle of the night without alerting Aerith. When Cloud is taken aback by this, Elmyra explains that Soldiers make a trade when they enlist. They receive power in exchange for an everyday life; they can't have it both ways.

During the night, Cloud dreams of his own mother. She praises Cloud, telling him she is proud of the man he has become. She instructs him to find an older, more mature girl who can help him navigate the struggles of life. Cloud awakens from the dream and decides to fulfill Elmyra's request and leave in the middle of the night. As he leaves, Elmyra asks him never to contact Aerith again. Cloud agrees to the request and ventures into the night. However, as soon as he gets off the property, Aerith awaits him. When Cloud asks what she is doing, she says she is waiting on him. She hasn't grown sick of him yet and intends to join him.

Chapter 9: The Town That Never Sleeps

Stopping to rest at a playground, Aerith tells Cloud that he reminds her of her first love. He was a Soldier first class, the same as Cloud. She stares into Cloud's eyes until he becomes uncomfortable. Aerith apologizes for this intrusion and suggests that they head back. However, before leaving the area, they spot Tifa riding away in a Chocobo wagon.

As Cloud approaches the wagon, Tifa exclaims how happy she is to see Cloud. The rest of AVALANCHE assumed he had died after his fall from the reactor. When he asks what is happening, Tifa tells him to keep his voice down and insists she will explain everything later. She says she is on her way to meet Don Corneo and instructs Cloud to head back to Sector 7 to meet up with the rest of AVALANCHE.

Cloud attempts to leave, but Aerith stops him. She explains that Tifa is in over her head and that the two of them need to save her from whatever she has planned. After some convincing, Cloud agrees to go with Aerith to help Tifa. They soon catch up with the driver of the Chocobo carriage. He explains that Tifa has been chosen as a candidate to become Don Corneo's next wife.

The two decide to head into town for more information about this arrangement. Cloud and Aerith enter the seedy city of Wall Market and begin asking questions. After exploring the town, they discover that there is a trio of people who know Croneo's tastes and are tasked with approving his bridal applicants.

The trio consists of Chocobo Sam, Madam M, and Andrea Rhodea. Having already met Chocobo Sam, the two head off searching for Madam M. They go inside Madam M's hand massage parlor to talk with her about Don Corneo.

Skeptical about the group's intentions, Madam M. offers Cloud a hand massage while she considers her options. Having gained some insight during their message, she agrees to make Aerith a bride candidate if Cloud can win the local fight tournament for her. Cloud easily wins the tournament, and Aerith receives her endorsement along with an incredibly expensive new dress. The two then head off to meet the last of the trio in hopes of receiving a meeting with Don Corneo.

Arriving at the Honeybee Inn, Aerith explains that for Cloud to meet with Corneo, he must receive Andrea's stamp of approval. He will also need to dress as a girl. Cloud isn't initially on board with this plan, but once he is reminded Tifa's life may be on the line, he decides he must do whatever is necessary. Luckily, all he needs to do is defeat the club owner in a dance battle. Surprisingly, Coud impresses Andrea with his dance moves, and he offers to help the group.

With their new looks and letters of recommendation, the two are permitted entry into Don Corneo's establishment and begin looking for Tifa. However, shortly after they enter, they are subdued by gas and taken to a dungeon. Cloud is awoken by Tifa, who is shocked to discover that he is dressed as a woman. He quickly explains what's happening, and the group decides to work together to get information from Don Corneo.

The Don takes his time examining the girls before choosing Cloud as his bride-to-be for the day. He sends the other two off with his henchmen for the time being. Once they are separated, Tifa and Aerith take out Corneo's guards and head in to save Cloud. Now ambushed, Corneo has no option but to offer the information Tifa seeks.

Under threat of torture, Corneo explains that he was hired by Heidegger to find Barret. AVALANCHE has served its purpose, so Shinra decides to eliminate the group in a large display of power. They plan to drop the support plate on the Sector 7 slums, taking out the AVALANCHE HQ. This horrible action will also kill every resident of the slums and whatever unfortunate passersby who happen to be there.

Equipped with this new information, the group begins to take their leave. However, Don Corneo stops them. He explains that the villain only gives up their plan when he is certain he will win. As the group looks around, confused, Corneo pulls a secret lever, dropping the AVALANCHE members into the sewer below.

Back at Shinra Headquarters, President Shinra asks his council if the preparations for the destruction of Sector 7 are on schedule. Heidegger confirms that the Turks are taking care of the preparations and that things are going as expected. However, the head of Urban Development speaks up and asks President Shinra to reconsider. He explains that there are over fifty thousand residents in the slum. President Shinra tells him that progress requires sacrifice and that the board member must learn to live with it.

Chapter 10: Rough Waters

Cloud awakens on the cold sewer floor to find Tifa and Aerith unconscious. He awakens Tifa, who is immediately concerned with saving the inhabitants of the slums. She looks over at Aerith and asks Cloud how they know each other. Cloud explains that they saved each other's lives. Tifa attempts to probe Cloud, asking if there is more to their relationship than that, but Aerith wakes up. As she comes to, the group is attacked by a giant horned beast. The group is able to drive the beast away and begin their journey back to the slums.

Chapter 11: Haunted

As the group exits the sewers, they enter an abandoned train graveyard. They see a helicopter fly overhead carrying Rude and Reno. The Turks are discussing the demolition of Sector 7. Reno expresses some concern over killing all of the innocent people of the slums before deciding it is too late to grow a conscience. As the group heads off, Aerith comforts Tifa, telling her they will make it back in time.

Chapter 12: A Fight for Survival

Back at the slums, AVALANCHE and the townspeople do their best to fend off the Shinra forces threatening to destroy them all. Just as Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa are about to reach their comrades, the cloak-life figures halt them once again. After slowing them down, the mysterious beings leave, heading for the pillar.

As the group approaches, they see Barret fighting Shinra in the pillar. However, before they can assist him, they witness Wedge falling from the higher levels of the plate. He attempts to use his grappling hook, but his momentum causes him to lose his grip and fall to the ground below. Badly wounded, Wedge attempts to get back up to rejoin the fight. Cloud insists that he stays with Tifa and Aerith, and he runs off to join the battle.

As Cloud ascends the tower, he finds Biggs wounded after being gunned down by Shinra forces. He rushes in to save him but is stopped again by the cloak-like figures. It is too late to save Biggs when they finally allow him to pass. As Cloud attempts to comfort him, Briggs makes Cloud promise that his sacrifice won't be in vain.

Cloud continues his journey up the pillar but is quickly stopped by Rude and Reno. The Turks announce that they are here to stop the terrorist group AVALANCHE from destroying the pillar and killing the inhabitants of Sector 7. Revealing to Cloud that this is just another propaganda tactic that Shinra uses to control its people.

Remembering Cloud from their last encounter, Reno shoots at him from the helicopter. Although she had promised to stay and attend to Wedge, Tifa could not stand by while Shinra destroyed the pillar. She asks Aerith and Wedge to find Marleene and get her out of the slums. On their way to Seventh Heaven, Wedge convinces a Shinra guard to go against his orders and help the inhabitants of the slums escape the danger zone.

Aerith finds Marlene cowering under the bar at Seventh Heaven. Although the child is frightened, Aerith quickly calms her down and begins to leave the bar. Unfortunately, the two are stopped by Tseng, the leader of the Turks. He has come to take Aerith with him. Out of options, Aerith agrees to go with him, provided that he will keep Marlene safe.

Back at the tower, Cloud continues to be fired upon by the helicopter. Reno sees Tifa running up the stairs to join Cloud and decides to take her out as well. However, right before he fires, Reno redirects the helicopter, forcing him to miss. This allows Cloud and Tifa to keep climbing the tower, searching for Barret. As they continue, they find Jessie buried under a pile of rubble.

As Jessie dies, she tells Tifa and Cloud that she only wishes she had them all over for dinner. When Cloud reminds her that she owes him a pizza, she laughs and agrees. She reminds them they have someplace to be before dying with Tifa and Cloud by her side. Devastated by this loss, the two make their way further up the tower.

They finally reach the top of the tower and join Barret. However, Reno and Rude show up simultaneously and begin the plate detonation sequence. Working together, the group is able to defeat Reno and destroy the helicopter. Unfortunately, their journey has been in vain as they cannot stop the plate detonation sequence as the cloaked figures once again get in their way. This allows Rude to take Reno and finish the detonation.

As Reno and Rude escape in a medical helicopter, the remaining AVALANCHE members are treated to a message from Tsenge. He thanks them for returning the ancient to Shinra control. Aerith cuts him off and tells the group that she has Marlene and that she is safe before she is dragged off-screen. The message cuts off, and the pillar begins to explode. Cloud, Tifa, and Barret find a zip line and manage to get to safety before being crushed by the pillar. President Shinra smiles as he watches his wrath destroy the land. Simultaneously, a small cat-like creature falls to its knees, devastated by the violence it is witnessing.

Chapter 13: A Broken World

Barely escaping with their lives, Cloud, Tifa, and Barret awake in the Sector Six slums. Barret is devastated by the loss of his friends. Tifa tries to acknowledge their role in all of this destruction, but Barret is quick to remind her that Shinra pulled the trigger and killed all of these people. Cloud comforts Barret by explaining that he is sure Aerith got Marlene somewhere safe before the destruction.

This helps ease Barrett's mind, and the group sets off to Aerith's house to see if her mother knows where Marlene is. Along the way, Cloud asks the group if they know what Tsenge meant when he referred to the Ancients. Barret tells Cloud that the Ancients were the original caretakers of the planet. They had the power to commune with the planet and protect it. Cloud now understands why the Turks wanted to capture Aerith so badly.

As they continue, Cloud has another vision of Sephiroth. In this vision, Sephiroth states that he has the blood of the ancients, thus making the planet his birthright. Cloud snaps out of his vision only to see Sepiroth standing before him. Sepiroth tells Cloud that he has failed once again. Tifa witnesses Cloud trembling with fear. As Sepiroth disappears, Tifa asks Cloud what happened. But Cloud brushes this off and tells them to continue on the path.

Arriving at Aerith's house, Barret rushes in, screaming Marlene's name, terrifying Elmyra in the process. Cloud gets him to calm down, and Elmyra explains that Marlene is asleep upstairs. After the group checks on Marlene, they head downstairs to ask Elmyra what happened. She explains that Shinra has Aerith in her custody. Cloud asks if this is because Aerith is an Ancient. Elmyra explains to the group that Aerith is most likely the last living Ancient.

She then explains how she adopted Aerith fifteen years ago. Her husband had been enlisted in the Wutai War. Upon receiving a letter stating he would be coming home soon, Elmyra would spend every day at the station waiting on her husband. One day, she stumbled upon a young girl and her sick mother. As she approached, the mother grabbed her hand and asked her to take her daughter somewhere safe before dying in the street. Elmyra did as she was asked and raised Aerith as her own.

As Aerith grew, she would tell Elmyria strange stories. According to Aerith, she and her mother had escaped a facility before meeting Elmyra, and she shouldn't be sad because her mother was one with the planet now. Elmyria didn't understand at the time but slowly learned that Aerith was an Ancient. The two grew happily together until the day Shinra came looking for the girl. Cloud asks why the Turks didn't take Aerith away then, and Elmyria explains that the Turks believed Aerith needed to go with them willingly for their plan to work. Because of this, she believes Shinra will let Aerith go without harm once they have what they need.

Cloud disagrees with this sentiment, and the group heads back to sector seven. Along the way, they help to save survivors from the crash and stubble upon one of Wedge's cats. They follow the cat, who leads them to Wedge, who is hurt but still alive. When they reach him, the floor falls from underneath the group, landing them in an underground research facility. Here, they discover that Shinra has been experimenting with the effects of Mako exposure on humans.

These experiments turn the unwilling participants into horrible monsters. Witnessing this reminds Cloud of previous genetic experiments that Shinra has engaged in. However, before they can find the true damage that Shinra has done, the cloak-like figures return and carry them out of the facility. Confused but unharmed, the group focuses on getting Wedge to safety instead of investigating the facility.

Chapter 14: In Search of Hope

The group carries Wedge back to Elmyria's house in search of safety. Elmyria is happy to take in the wounded man, and Cloud uses the opportunity to ask her for permission to rescue Aerith. This angers Elmyria, but Cloud insists that Shinra will never let Aerith go. Emotionally overwhelmed, Elmyria asks the group for some time to think. She insists that they have all had a long day and tells the group to go upstairs and rest.

When they awaken, the group heads downstairs to talk with Elmyria. The weary mother has decided that she agrees with Cloud and gives them permission to track down Aerith. Barret asks if she would be willing to watch Marlene while they are away, and she agrees. The group heads off but soon realizes they must find an alternative route to get to Shinra. Tifa suggests that they go speak with Don Corneo.

However, when they reach Corneo's palace, they discover he is no longer there. One of his former henchmen, Leslie, is waiting in the building. He informs the group that he can help them get to the higher regions of Midgar if they help him find Corneo, who is hiding in the sewers. Although Barret hesitates to trust this stranger, Tifa convinces him that Leslie is telling the truth. The group heads off with Leslie but informs him that if he is lying, it will cost him his life.

When they find Don's hideout, Leslie enters the room to finish him off. But the Don gains the upper hand and takes his gun away. Having Leslie subdued, he begins to explain his involvement with Shinra's goal of whipping out Sector 7. The Don was meant to help Shinra destroy Sector 7 as part of their larger plan of abandoning Midgar and building a new utopia.

However, AVALANCHES' actions disarmed that plan, saving some of the townspeople from their destruction. Since Corneo gave AVALANCHE the information that allowed them to interfere, Shinra now plans to kill the Don for spilling his guts. After he explains this, the group rejoins Corneo and tells him to keep talking. Unfortunately, Corneo sicks his pet Abzu on the group, giving him time to escape once again.

Continuing their way through the sewers, the group eventually reaches the surface. Here, Leslie gives them a set of grappling guns, allowing them to reach the higher levels of Midgar. The group bids farewell to Leslie and begins their ascension.

Chapter 15: The Day Midgar Stood Still

Cloud, Barret, and Tifa work their way through the destruction caused by the Sector 7 plate collapse. Along the way, they are attacked by Shinra troops and a new Shinra prototype robot. The group easily defeats their enemies. However, once defeated, the robot explodes, causing the floor to collapse beneath them.

Cloud grabs Tifa and uses his grappling gun to get them to safety. In turn, Tifa uses her gun to Grab Barret. The three ride their way to the higher levels of the building. Once they are safe, Cloud tells the group he hopes they enjoyed their warm-up because the actual fighting is just about to begin.

Chapter 16: The Belly of the Beast

Arriving at the Shinra Building, Barret readies himself to barge through the front doors, guns blazing. Cloud stops him and suggests a more subtle plan. Seeing some security cars in the distance, he tells the group they should use the vehicles to sneak into the building through the parking garage. Taking the safer option, the groups jump on top of one of the vehicles and ride it into the back entrance of the building.

Once inside, the group discovers that the building appears to be abandoned. Deciding not to give up hope, they split up and searched the lobby for anything useful. In this search, Tifa discovers a keycard that will give them access to the upper floors. Using the computer at the reception desk, Tifa determines that Aerith is likely being held in a lab on the 65th floor.

Unfortunately, their new keycard only grants them access to floors up to level 59. The group decides to explore the building, posing as tourists, hoping to gain access to the higher floor. As they do so, Shinra presents a holographic presentation showcasing their plan to use Ancient to create a Utopian version of Midgar.

As this video ends, another begins. However, this video is much darker and showcases the destruction of Midgar. As Cloud looks around in horror, he sees Sephiroth standing in the hologram. Amidst the chaos and destruction, Cloud sees Sephiroth kill Tifa and Barret as a giant meteor falls from the sky. As the video ends, the group finds themselves shaken but unharmed.

As the group continues through the building, they encounter an older man named Hart. He tells the group that Mayor Domino requests their presence and that he has been sent to escort them. Barret informs him they are not interested in meeting Midgars do nothing Mayor, but Hart insists. Deciding this may be their only option, the group follows Hart to Mayor Domino's location.

Entering the Shinra archives, the group is introduced to Mayor Domino. He explains to them that he is AVALANCHE's man on the inside. Because of their carelessness, Domino has been carefully cleaning up their messes as they have toured the facility. Making sure that no alarms go off to alert the Shinra guards to their presence. Domino explains that he can get them to the 64th floor, but they will need to find their own way up to the 65th.

The group decides to sneak through the ventilation shafts to reach the upper floors. Along the way, they find a vent that allows them to spy on the Shinra HQ meeting. During this meeting, Reeve informs President Shinra that he has devised a reconstruction plan for Sector 7. However, President Shinra pushes this idea aside and states it would be unnecessary now that they have the Ancient. Going forward, all resources will be dedicated to the ancient and Neo Midgar.

The head of the Shinra Science Division, Professor Hojo, believes they can use Aerith to achieve this goal. Unfortunately, the Ancient is not cooperating with him at the time. His plan is to engage in psychological torture until she relents to his will. As a backup plan, he muses that they could forcefully breed her with Soldier units to create a sort of helpful hybrid.

The AVALANCHE members exit the vents to follow Professor Hojo. They quickly catch up to him and force him to lead them to his lab. Eager to return to his work, Hojo tells AVALANCHE to leave him alone and assassinate President Shinra. Barret nudges him with his gun, and the group heads to the lab. Along the way, Hojo realizes that this may be the opportunity he has been looking for. The stress of seeing her friend's dead bodies might be enough to push Aerith over the edge.

Hojo announces to the group that they will soon regret their plans and releases a large genetic experiment upon them. As Cloud, Tifa, and Barret turn to deal with this threat, Hojo escapes the room and heads back to Aerith. Defeating the monstrosity, the AVALANCHE members chase after Hojo and quickly arrive in his lab. There, they discover Aerith locked in a glass cage with Hojo overlocking the floor via a platform.

Hojo thanks them for providing him with valuable combat data. He then tells Cloud that he has noticed his Soldier-like qualities. However, he tells the group that Cloud was never a member of Soldier. Hearing this, Cloud begins to have another disorienting episode. Before he can fully explain what he means, the cloak-like figures reappear and transport Hojo to another location.

Barret uses this distraction to free Aerith by shooting the locks off her cage. This causes the area to short circuit, releasing all of the cages in the room, unbeknownst to the group, and freeing a red-furred beast in the process. The beast runs ahead of them and Chases Hojo to the elevator. Unable to kill Hojo, the beast turns back and approaches the group. Barret's first instinct is to destroy the creature, but Aerith stops him, insisting he is a friend. She places her hand on the beast, and it becomes calm.

Barret exclaims out loud, what the hell is it? In response, the beast says that is a fascinating question. Bewildered by this, the group takes a step back. The creature explains that he is simply what they see before them and asks if they can leave that matter alone for the time being. He tells the group that Hojo named him Red 13 but refuses to offer them any more details about his existence. Deciding that Red 13 doesn't present any immediate danger, they continue to search for Hojo.

As Cloud approaches the elevator, he has another vision. As he grabs his head, he sees a vision of Genova, a terrible life form that supposedly birthed Sepiroth. Cloud struggles to remain consistent during his vision. He utters the word mother before passing out, collapsing on the ground.

Chapter 17: Deliverance From Chaos

Cloud awakens in Aerith's old room, safe but confused. She takes this time to explain to the group that she is one of the Ancients. However, their actual name is Cetra. She tries to explain that Shinra is wrong about her and that she cannot take them to the promised land. As she does so, the cloak-like figures return and stop her from continuing.

Red 13 says that these creatures are whispers. Controllers of destiny attempt to stop anyone who steers away from their chosen path. Suddenly, they receive a video message from Domino and Wedge. The two explain that a helicopter is being sent from AVALANCHE HQ to take the group to safety. They are to meet this helicopter on the roof of the building. The group decides to head through Hojo's lab to gain access to the rooftop.

As they head through Hojo's lab, they discover Shinra's dark secret, Genova. Red explains that Geova is Shinra's most prized possession and that Hojo has dedicated his life to researching it. Sephiroth appears in front of the tank, sending Cloud into another episode. However, this time, all of the party members can see him. Enraged, Cloud attacks Sephiroth. But his strength is outmatched by the war hero. Sephiroth cuts the bridge they are standing on with little effort and sends the party flying down to the base of the lab.

When they return to the top, they discover Genova is gone. All that remains is a trail of dark liquid leading to President Shinra's office. Weighing their options, they decide they must follow the liquid. When they reach the room, they notice the President hanging for dear life on the side of the roof. He offered them all the money and power they could ever want if they simply saved his life. Barret toys with the President before lifting him to safety.

The President is pushed to his office by Barret, who says he wants the President to go on television and clear the name of AVALANCHE. The President laughs at Barret and asks why he didn't mention shutting down the reactors. The President then pulls a gun on Barret and continues to mock his moral indulgence. Before he can pull the trigger, Sephiroth arrives and drives his katana through the President's chest, killing him.

He then turns his sword on Barret, stabbing him as well and leaving him to die. Sepiroth is revealed to be the Genova Dreamweaver, a hideous monster that can create illusions. Once they battle and dispel the illusion, they discover that Barret is fine. He was protected by the whispers, as he was not fated to die this day. The illusion of Sephiroth is revealed to be Marco from the Sector 7 slums. As he collapses another illusion of Sephiroth picks him up and carries his body outside.

As Cloud pursues Sephiroth, the illusion is dispelled, revealing a cloaked man with the number 2 tattooed on his arm. The man jumps off of the building, falling to the depths below. The group heads back to the roof to board their extraction helicopter. However, before it can land, it is destroyed by a Shinra Helicopter housing Reno and Rude. The Shinra Helicopter lands and deposits Rufus Shinra, the head of the Shinra Electric company, onto the roof. He has come to kill the AVALANCHE members personally.

Cloud sends the others away and fights Rufus on his own. Unable to outmatch the ex-Soldier, Rufus reenters the helicopter and rains bullets down upon Cloud before leaving the area. The floor beneath Cloud crumbles, and he begins to fall to his death. He grabs a beam at the last moment and struggles to return to the surface. Tifa appears as his hand begins to slip and lifts him to safety. The group heads to the ground floor and escapes the building via some stolen Shinra vehicles.

Chapter 18: Destiny's Crossroads

Fleeing down the road, the group notices that the Shinra HQ building is almost entirely surrounded by whispers. Inside the building, Rufus can see the whispers, but his Turk agents are not. As the AVALANCHE members continue their escape, they see Sephiroth floating above the road, seemingly waiting on them.

Severotih states that all life belongs to Genova; if this world dies, so do her children. Before the group can attack Sepiroth, the whispers descend upon them, screaming in the name of destiny. This triggers Cloud to have another flashback. He sees a young Soldier named Zack carrying Cloud's sword. Vastly outnumbered, the young Soldier engages in battle against a group of Shinra forces. Returning to the present, Cloud sees Sepiroth cut a hole in reality, opening up a portal. He beckons Cloud to follow him before stepping inside.

Before Cloud can follow, Aerith raises a hand and cleanses the portal. The group pauses outside the portal, wondering where it will lead them. Aerith tells them that this is the path to freedom. She says there is no more significant threat to the planet than Sephiroth. She must face him and save the planet. Inspired by her words, the group heads through the portal in search of Sephiroth.

Here, they witness a god-like creature who appears to be the arbiter of their fates. As they battle their way across the landscape, they are given glimpses of how their destiny’s are meant to happen. They witness a meteor descending upon the planet as Cloud battles Sephiroth to the death. When they reach the apex, they engage in combat with the creature. After a lengthy battle, the group is victorious, unbinding them from the shackles of fate.

As the group does their best to battle Sephiroth, he takes Cloud and transports him to a new area that he calls the edge of creation. He explains that he will not allow Cloud to die and extends his hand, asking for Cloud's assistance in his goal. Cloud refuses and attacks Sephiroth. However, just as before, he is no match for Sephiroth's superior speed and strength. Sephiroth leaves him with a warning. There are seven seconds until the end, and Cloud must spend that time wisely.

Fate defied, and the group rejoins and makes their new mission the search for Sephiroth. Temporarily saved, the people of Midgard begin to rebuild and continue life as best as they can. Rufus takes over the company following his father's death, taking the company in unknown directions. Zack survives his battles and helps a wounded Cloud back to Midgard. As they walk, they pass Cloud and Aerith as they begin to search for Sephiroth. The two groups are unaware of each other, as though they don't exist simultaneously or in the same reality. With no destiny to guide them, the group now sets off to start a journey.

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